Saturday, June 30, 2012


Even here in the Subverse, we've go a record heat wave. Only difference seems to be that here "heat wave" means thing are actually on fire, green fire mind you, but there all the same.

Of all time for the wind unit to go tits up. I swear Maytland had something to do wif that. It's hotter than a Bruegelors arse in 'ere. A moment ago I realized that, what you Morts would refer to as, sweat that had collected in my shorts was actually boiling. Yes, that's right, i was actually making bollocks soup.
I've closed off the upper floors for fear that the patrons may melt. That and the pong from up there had already felled several of the smaller wait staff that we had to drag out. Sleeping on the clock will they, not bloody likely. We're all now huddled round a standing fan blowing cross the last bag of frozen oglon peas. Given enough time, they'll make a fitting side dish to that soup I made earlier.

Ta for now.... Fleam

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